Currently Real Life Church is in a temporary leadership structure called “redevelopment stage”. This is a season that a Christian and Missionary Alliance church goes into when they are not financially sustainable as RLC was/is. As the Christian and Missionary Alliance place a new pastor into a church that is struggling, the only two voting members of that church become the District Superintendent (Johnathan Wiggins in our case) and the new pastor (Pastor Jens). This is done so the new pastor does not have to pander to the current people or worry about receiving tithes. Rather, that pastor can pursue Jesus and bring changes that the Lord wants while remaining in accountability to the district. Once a church has grown and become financially and spiritually stable, the church will be brought off of redevelopment status and will operate by their own bylaws including a local board and members.

During this season, Pastor Jens has created an advisory team to help guide and direct RLC from a local context. This team consists of John McNutt, Phil Gunderson, Adina Rutherford, and Scott and Lydia Austin. This team meets regularly to discuss items such as: finances, spiritual direction of RLC, programs, building maintenance, vision, and much more. If you have questions regarding the leadership and structure of RLC please contact Pastor Jens at Jens@RealLifeMT.org