About Real Life Church

We are a group of imperfect people seeking our perfect God. The good news is that, no matter where you are in your journey towards Jesus you are welcome here at RLC. We know that visiting a new church can be nerve racking and awkward but I think you will find RLC to be a welcoming church full of people ready to grow towards Jesus together. We dress casually and welcome people who look different, talk different, and believe different.

Sunday Services is from 9:15-10:45 every Sunday at The Little Brown Church on the corner of Highway 35 and 83 just north of Bigfork.

125 Swan Highway

Bigfork, MT 59911


We usually preach exegetically, which is just a fancy way of saying that we preach through books of the Bible.  Preaching this way makes it harder to take verses out of context and twist them to say whatever we may want.  We strive to be accurate to what the Bible teaches and show how it is applicable to our lives today.  And since all of the Bible is about Jesus, you will find that every sermon points towards Him. There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone like Jesus. We take every opportunity to talk, teach, and grow towards Him. If you are spiritually curious, you are welcome to come hear more about this man who is God.


Worship at RLC is a blended style of contemporary and traditional Christian music. Most of the worship we play you might recognize from Christian radio or from their popularity. Ultimately worship is not for us, it’s for God so any song or music style that brings Him glory we may have.


Real Life Kids, for ages 2-8, teach our kids that Jesus is the hero. Every week they will have fun while learning about Jesus. Typically our kids stay with us through the worship service and then are dismissed to their own class for games, snacks, and teaching. The exception to this is the 1st Sunday of each month we have “Family Sunday” where we invite kids to stay with the adults for all of service. We provide some activities for them during service but also understand if this Sunday is a little more noisy than other Sunday’s.